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When it comes to photography and learning there’s so much out there, right? But where do you start? If you have the desire to learn more about your camera, dig deep into your creative side, or maybe want to learn a bit more about editing and our workflow we’ve created a 1:1 mentoring program just for you.


I’m interested! What happens next?

Together we’ll come up with a course outline of things you’d like to go over during our session together. What are your burning questions? What do you want to learn most to take your photography to the next level? We’ll send a short questionnaire to help get an idea of the things we’ll learn together.


Afterwards we’ll set a date in the next 4-6 weeks and depending on your mentor session length find a time or times that work best to get together. You can select if you want both Katie & Kortnee or one of us present.


When our time together is done, not to worry! We’ll be available for questions & help long after our session together. You’ll be invited to a FB group with other workshop attendees to help best attend to your questions and share your work!


2 Hr Online Session – 1:1, 4 Hr Online Session 1:1, 2 Hr In Person Session – 1:1, 4 Hr In Person Session – 1:1, 2 Hr Online Session – 2:1, 4 Hr Online Session – 2:1, 2 Hr In Person Session – 2:1, 4 Hr In Person Session – 2:1


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