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What you’ll learn:

As Moms we’re always the ones behind the camera taking the pictures, capturing these moments for our children so when they get older they will have these memories to look back on. I think we all have that longing to be in the image more often than not and ultimately let our children know we were there.

We’re ready to help change that together with Anne U Photography to take you through the basics of self portraiture. Come join us as we show you how to get creative with your self portraits, how to pose on your own and with kiddos, and work our way through things like fine tuning your camera focus and ways to fire your camera remotely.

What’s Included:

A 2-hour workshop packed with everything Self Portrait – from shooting with purpose, lighting, posing, to focus & firing techniques and finding your voice. Workshop will take place at Madison Studio Share and includes an adult beverage and treats!

Due to the nature of this workshop your payment is non-refundable. We understand emergency situations come up so we will allow transference of spots but no refunds will be given.

A working knowledge of your DSLR camera & manual mode is recommended but not required.

Self Portrait Photography workshop will include an intro to the following:

  • Technical Basics
  • Posing – alone & with children
  • Lighting & Composition
  • Nailing Focus
  • External firing methods

About the Instructor:

My name is Anne Uebersetzig, and I live on an organic dairy farm in Lodi, Wisconsin with my farmer husband, four babies, and lots of cows.  I prefer keeping things simple, love to bake, addicted to coffee, and my perfect Friday night involves a nice glass of wine, Netflix, and all of my children asleep.

I am a farmer’s wife, a mama, an artist, and love photographing all things motherhood.


Motherhood is messy and beautiful and chaotic, filled with fingerprints, sloppy kisses, and a never-ending laundry pile.  Each mama’s journey through motherhood is unique, and filled with memories that you don’t want to forget, like smelling that fresh newborn scent on the top of your new baby’s head, holding your little one up with his hands as he makes his first wobbly steps, fixing your little girl’s pigtail that just won’t seem to stay in, and even picking up and carrying your child for possibly the last time before they get too big to be carried.


It gives me great joy to witness other women embracing their own seasons of motherhood as well as being able to document it in an intimate and emotive way so that I can give you beautiful photographs that will help preserve those memories forever.

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