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What you’ll learn:

Click Well in partner with Kaley Rae Photography is excited to bring you an iPhone Photography Workshop. In this hands on workshop you’ll learn all about using your iPhone camera to it’s full abilities while learning about lighting, composition and editing on the go. We’ll practice using what’s around you to enhance your photos of everyday subjects and help guide you through taking your images from quick snaps to frame worthy photos.

What’s Included:

A 2-hour workshop packed with everything iPhone – from shooting with purpose, lighting, composition and subject selection, to editing techniques using different editing apps. Includes an adult beverage and plenty of snacks!

Due to the nature of this workshop your payment is non-refundable. We understand emergency situations come up so we will allow transference of spots but no refunds will be given.

iPhone with camera app required for this class.
You’ll receive an email prior to our class with links to download apps we will be going over.

iPhone Photography workshop will include an intro to the following:

  • Lighting Techniques
  • Composition
  • Editing using iPhone Apps
  • Tips for lay flats
  • Capturing the everyday

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About the Instructor:

I’m Kaley Rae, the artist behind Kaley Rae Photography. I’m a recent graduate from Edgewood College in Madison, WI and I’ve been photographing love, life + beauty for a few years now! What once started as a hobby, has turned into a full on business and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I push the boundaries and am not afraid to put myself out there or try new things. I love the beach and going on adventures! If my dog could talk, he’d tell you that I’m his favorite because I play with him and give him alllll the belly rubs his little heart desires!


I’m an artist, a wanderer, a lover, a believer, a dreamer and a doer.


I can’t live without coffee, red wine, travel, naps, succulents + cacti, and dogs!


I’d love to meet you!